Planning a Primary Bathroom Remodel in South Hills: What to Consider

Custom bathroom with blue tiles and large walk in shower

Have you been dealing with a dated primary bathroom year after year and have finally decided to pull the trigger with a remodel? If you find yourself wondering what type of flooring you should use, how big of a shower you need, or vanity size you should have, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to dive into all the things you should consider and think about when planning your South Hills primary bathroom remodel.



Whirlpool Tub: The Unused Elephant in the Room

When was the last time you took a bath? We’ve asked South Hills homeowners this question and were surprised to hear, in some cases, the tub was never used. Some laughed as they told us it’s main use was a dirty laundry drop spot, but definitely not used for bathing.

Some folks are just not tub people, and that’s okay. If you find more clothing in your tub than any of your family members, this may be a perfect opportunity to turn that underused space into something that you can use and enjoy.

During a bathroom remodel, removing a tub and building a spacious walk-in shower not only modernizes a primary bathroom but is also enhances functionality and convenience. If your bathroom already has a large shower area, a thought to consider is adding more cabinet storage for towels, toiletries, extra bedding, or a real dirty clothes hamper.

Bathroom Renovation With Tile Floor

Add a Touch of Romance: Freestanding Soaking Tub

I know, I know. We just talked about removing the unused, bulky tub, but hear us out. In our remodeling adventures, we have found there are just as many people who DO use a tub than the ones who don’t. Adding a freestanding soaker tub to your primary South Hills bathroom changes everything.

Instead of a clunky built-in bathtub, you can have a sleek, elegant centerpiece that allows you to sink in and unwind. It’s not just about bathing and soothing sore muscles; it’s about creating a ritual of relaxation. Imagine sipping on your favorite beverage, reading your favorite book, while the stress of the day just soaks away. Yeah, we like that too.

Soaker tubs come in all sorts of shapes and designs that can turn your primary bathroom remodel into a spa-like retreat that is Instagram-worthy.

Dual Sink Vanity Cabinet In Master Bathroom

His and Hers Vanities: Better Together or Better Apart

When planning a primary bathroom remodel, it’s important to consider your sink vanities. If you will be sharing this bathroom with a partner, you may ask yourself, how close do you want your sink to theirs.

Some couples don’t mind sharing the same bathroom countertop space and cabinet drawers. Sometimes the bathroom size can only allow for a double sink vanity during a remodel. But some couples want their own sink zones decked out with custom sized drawer for their hair tools and accessories and even their own linen cabinet storage.

When thinking about your sink area, the options don’t end at his and her sinks. Outlets can be installed in drawers for hairdryers and flatirons and counter cabinets can be added between sinks for extra storage.

Custom bathroom with blue tiles and large walk in shower

Large Walk-in Showers: Options to Think About

If you have that laundry basket of a tub that you want to covert into a large walk-in shower during your primary remodel, there are a few things to think about here as well. First, a question. Do you take long hot showers? Or, are you an in and out kind of person?

For those who enjoy the soothing warmth of water, you may want to have not only a wall shower head, but also a ceiling rainfall shower head as well. If showering is just a means to get clean and it’s quick to get on to your next mission, one shower head should suffice.

Many homeowners add a handheld shower which seems to be used more for cleaning pets and the shower itself. For the ultimate showering experience, you can add the wall shower head, the rainfall, the handheld, and body sprays. Yes, we’ve had clients add all these options turning their shower into a human car wash and one heck of a top shelf experience.

Another item to think about is your age. Now, we know it’s not polite to ask, but many older homeowners are adding grab bars in their showers for the added safety they want getting in and out of the shower. Some homeowners may be moving an elderly family member in and want them to continue to enjoy their independence while keeping them safe.

This would be a good time to think about whether this family member would need a bench in the shower to sit while bathing. If they are using a walker, a bench may not be the best idea as it would limit them from moving comfortably.

New bathroom with freestanding tub and frameless glass shower

Bathroom Lighting: Light and Bright or Dim and Cozy

If you have a dated primary bathroom, the only lights in the room may be over the sinks leaving it extremely dim. For homeowners who want to brighten up their bathroom, recessed lighting does the trick. If mood lighting in your bathroom is your thing, you can opt for updating your sconce lighting only for a tranquil setting. If luxury is on your mind, adding a chandelier in the bathroom is sure to elevate any bathroom design.

Another thing to think about is what color your bathroom lighting is going to be. Are you pretty traditional and want a timeless look? Then brushed nickel lighting may be perfect for your bathroom. Do you lean towards a modern farmhouse style? Then black lighting would be perfect. Is luxe and sophistication on your mind? Brushed brass or champagne bronze is definitely your color.

Luxury Bathroom With Ring Light Mirror

Plumbing Fixtures: Style and Function

Speaking of champagne bronze, plumbing fixtures like sink faucets, shower heads, and tub fillers come in a variety of colors. Black, bronze, chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze are the most popular colors. Once you know your color and design style, you will need to focus on your sink faucets. First, what type of sink are you going to use for your bathroom remodel? Will it be an undermount sink? An 8 inch spread faucet is the most commonly used. There are other options such as wall mounted sink faucets and single hole faucets.

If you are adding a freestanding tub to your bathroom remodel, your options will be tub fillers/handheld shower head that is secured to the floor next to the tub. You can also opt for a wall mounted tub filler for a super cool design vibe.

Bonus information: if you are wondering if you can mix metals with your plumbing and lighting, the answer is yes. If you love a brushed brass chandelier, you can absolutely add a black tub filler. We recommend only mixing two at one time in one room.

Bathroom Renovation With Tile Floor

Bathroom Tile: Colors and Style

Your bathroom has probably seen a lot of action, from morning rushes to evening unwinds, so you need tiles that can look good but also withstand the daily grind, right? When thinking about tile for your South Hills primary bathroom, durability, color, and design style matters. Porcelain and ceramic tile are popular choices because they are water resistant, and come in a variety of styles. Plus they are easy to clean, which means less scrubbing and more time for you to enjoy your new remodeled bathroom.

This is where your unique style comes into play in a large way. Do you prefer a classic, clean style? Subway tiles are great for showers and tub surrounds. Do you love the outdoors and natural elements? You may want to see natural stone on your bathroom floors. This is your chance to bring some personality into the bathroom, so have fun with it. Just remember, while it’s tempting to go for the trendiest look, think about how you’ll feel about it in a few years. You don’t want to be stuck with something that feels outdated.

If you’re thinking of those chilly South Hills mornings, heated floors are an option and can be on a timer, greeting your feet with a warm toasty hug to your feet in the morning.

AKN Interiors Creates Beautiful Primary Bathrooms in South Hills

Designing and remodeling a bathroom can sometimes feel overwhelming when you’re not sure exactly what you want to do or where to start. Whether your inspiration is a bed and breakfast in Tuscany or a photo you saw scrolling through social media. That is where we come in. Our team takes the stress out of all the decision making and help homeowners tap into their own unique style for their primary bathroom remodel.

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