Cost Guide for Your South Hills, Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodel

large white kitchen with mirrored upper cabinets, wood flooring, large island, custom range hood, pendant lighting

So, you’re ready to give your dated South Hills kitchen a facelift? Great choice! The kitchen isn’t just a place to whip up meals for the family, it can be a beautiful space that you can be proud of entertaining in. An updated kitchen in South Hills can make a world of difference, but let’s be real, remodeling isn’t cheap. This guide will help you understand the costs involved and make the most of your kitchen remodeling budget.

The Reality of Remodeling TV Shows

First, let’s take a moment to talk about those glossy remodeling reality TV shows. You know the ones—they make it look like you can transform your kitchen from drab to fab in just a few days for a fraction of what it actually costs. Don’t get us wrong, we love certain shows and have our favorite remodeling couples, but there are agreements and things happening in the background that the public may not be aware of. Here’s why reality TV is misleading:

      • Sponsored Discounts: Many or almost all of the materials and appliances you see on reality remodeling shows are provided at a discount or for free by sponsors in exchange for the publicity. In the real remodeling world, you’re unlikely to get those huge deals.

      • Labor Costs: The shows often have skilled labor available on tap, sometimes for free or at drastically reduced rates. In reality, labor costs are one of the most significant parts of your budget.

      • Time Frames: TV shows compress weeks or months of work into a single episode. Actual home remodels take time—often much more than you might expect.

      • Hidden Costs: TV budgets often overlook hidden costs such as permits, inspections, and unexpected repairs. You should always make sure to have a contingency budget for these surprises, especially in older Pittsburgh homes.

      • Quality vs. Speed: Speed is of the essence on TV, sometimes at the expense of quality. In real life, rushing can lead to mistakes and subpar work that costs more to fix later.

    Understanding Your South Hills, Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodeling Needs

    Before you dive into the kitchen remodel, you may want to take a moment to figure out what you really want. Are you dreaming of a complete gut of a kitchen with new appliances, custom cabinetry, new countertops, lighting and plumbing? Or do you just need a mild update? Here are some common reasons Pittsburgh families decide to remodel:


      • Updating an outdated style: Let’s leave those 70s avocado green appliances in the past.

      • Open concept kitchen: Because no one likes to be stuck in the kitchen while the rest of the family is having fun in the living room.

      • Functionality: Do you feel like your layout has you feeling cramped?

      • Increasing home value: A good kitchen remodel can boost your home’s market value.

    Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. This will help you prioritize and stay on budget.


    Kitchen Budgeting Basics

    Now, let’s talk realistic kitchen remodeling numbers, shall we? According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2024 Cost vs. Value Report, the national average cost for a kitchen remodel varies widely depending on the scope as listed below. Cost recouped for kitchen remodeling varies between 32% and 96% making a kitchen upgrade a positive investment.

      • Minor kitchen remodel: Start at $30,000

      • Major midrange kitchen remodel: Starting at $76,000

      • Major upscale kitchen remodel: Starting at $152,000

    Factors Influencing Cost

    Several factors can swing your budget up or down:

      • Size and scope: A larger kitchen or more extensive remodel will cost more.

      • Age of home: The older the home, the bigger the kitchen budget may be. This is due to older electrical and plumbing that will have be brought up to current code.

      • Quality of materials: Granite countertops cost more than laminate, and custom cabinets are pricier than stock ones.

      • Custom vs. prefabricated: Custom work offers uniqueness but at a higher price.

      • Hidden costs: Always have a contingency fund for surprises like mold, outdated wiring, or structural issues.

    AKN Interior’s Cost Breakdown by Kitchen Remodel Type

    Our company pricing falls in the middle of the National Average. See what is involved in the three types of kitchen remodeling packages below:

    Luxury kitchen with grey granite countertop and pendant lighting

    Standard Kitchen Remodel

    A minor remodel is perfect if you’re looking for a refresh rather than a full overhaul. Costs start around $40,000. This usually includes:

      • New stock cabinets: Out with the old, dated cabinetry and in with the new.

      • New countertops: Options like quartz or granite can spruce things up.

      • Backsplash: Beautiful new backsplash.

      • Lighting: New pendant and task lighting.

      • Plumbing fixtures: New sink and faucet

      • Paint and hardware: Fresh paint and new knobs or handles can work wonders.

    ROI: You can expect to recoup about 75-80% of the costs in increased home value.


    Upgraded kitchen with white countertops and green tile backsplash

    Deluxe Kitchen Remodel

    Are you looking for something more substantial? A midrange remodel starts $75,000 and includes:

      • New semi-custom cabinets: More options and better quality than stock.

      • Updated countertops: Natural stone materials.

      • Flooring: Hardwood or tile.

      • Lighting and electrical: Recessed lighting, pendant lights, updated wiring, and under cabinet lighting.

      • Updated plumbing: New sink and faucet.

    ROI: You can expect to recoup about 60-65% of the costs.


    large white kitchen with mirrored upper cabinets, wood flooring, large island, custom range hood, pendant lighting

    Premium Kitchen Remodel

    Going all out? Our upscale kitchen remodel start around $110,000 and includes:

      • New layout: We refigure a new kitchen layout that works for your family’s lifestyle.

      • Custom cabinets: Made-to-order for your space.

      • Focal point: One of a kind range hood.

      • Premium countertops: High end quartz countertops.

      • Backsplash: Premium tile backsplash.

      • Luxury flooring: Wood or porcelain.

      • High-end fixtures: Designer faucets and lighting.

    ROI: You can expect to recoup about 55-60% of the costs.


    Kitchen with peninsula, teal cabinetry, and white countertops

    Additional Kitchen Costs to Consider

    Don’t forget about these potential extras:

      • Permits and inspections: Necessary for most remodels.

      • Structural changes: If you’re moving walls or plumbing, it adds up.

      • Plumbing and electrical work: Older homes often need updates.

      • Unexpected issues: Always budget an extra 10-20% for surprises.

    Financing Your Kitchen Remodel

    Some homeowners may need assistance with some or all of their kitchen remodeling budget. Here are some options:

      • Home equity loans: Low interest rates, but your home is collateral.

      • Personal loans: Higher interest rates, but no collateral required.

      • Credit cards: Good for small expenses if you can pay them off quickly.

      • Savings: Best option if you have the funds.

    Let Us Help You Plan, Design, and Build Your Kitchen Remodel in South Hills, Pittsburgh.

    Our team at AKN Interiors have helped homeowners with all levels of budget and different sized kitchens achieve their perfect style with all the right finishes for their family. A perfectly planned kitchen remodel in South Hills is an investment that can enhance your lifestyle and boost your home’s value. By understanding the costs and planning carefully, you can create the kitchen of your dreams that works within your top budget.

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